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Penang Real Estate / Alila2
« on: December 13, 2016, 11:05:15 PM »
Should I buy now? If the property bubble crashes I may be able to buy cheaper 2nd hand.  This is an argument I had 8 months ago for Alila 2. If you buy now at RM 1,100/sqft but you can only move in in mid 2018... by that time the market may have crashed and you possibly could get it for 800/sqft. That way you win double... interest for 2 years on RM1.5m plus a cheaper condo..  so for investment you can't really lose

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) / Which are the best places to stay?
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:17:38 PM »
It is likely that I will get my MM2H visa end of 2017. I am contemplating on staying in Malacca or Langkawi. I have visited KL and I don't like big cities. Penang is OK but I prefer somewhere slower. East Malaysia is out of the question as MM2H does not allow one to stay there. So, I am left with only Malacca or Langkawi. Malacca at least have good medical facilities whereas Langkawi has none. Met up with a few foreigners staying there and they will either go to Alor Setar or Penang for medical treatment. That is the sticking point. The best point for Langkawi is cheap booze and nice and quiet beaches. Any comments anyone?

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