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Mah Sing issues Total: 4 Posts | 3 Replies | 70114 Views

December 27, 2016 04:03 PM
Hi, I am living in Ferrnghi Residence.  Mah Sing has yet to fix defects logged a year ago, the warranty is expiring in 7 months and JMB is not formed.  Mah Sing has given owners of Ferringhi Residence a terrible experience, their contractors have changed as their previous main con went bankrupt.  Is there anything legally we can do?

Also, their second phase Ferrnghi Residence 2, is under construction.  They allow construction work to go on Mon - Sat, 7am - 10pm!!!!!  and during their construction noise and air pollution is very bad for our living.  I've complained to council, but seems like they approved the extension to work until 10pm.  This is a residential area.  Any advice?
December 28, 2016 04:51 PM
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Happy New Year to you. Sorry to hear about the problem. Surprised to hear what you have gone through as Mah Sing is a big developer. Not staying there, I won't know about it. 

To answer your questions as I have experience on that :

1. As long as you have lodged the defects officially and that the develop has acknowledged it in writing (all black and white) before the expiration period, they have to complete it. It is only the new defects that are not covered. So, you must get all the defects lodged. Secondly, you must ensure that they acknowledge the submission and everything is black and white and not verbal. Verbal does not help at all.

2. Construction during off hours. This is termed as "nuisance". It is the management's duty to ensure that it does not happen. If it happens, you can lodge a report or complaint to MBPP's Department of Building.

Hope that helps
December 29, 2016 07:44 PM
Threaten to take the management to the MBPP is usually enough to scare them away
January 06, 2017 03:25 PM


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